We are back again

For a long time, it was quiet around us, but now we can announce lots of news.

After we had to separate ourselves in 2016 from a drummer and a bagpipe player, we found replacement in two string instrumentalists. This entailed great challenges, as we had to think about the development of our music style. When Fr. Hölle then agreed to try to sing (we now know that she actually can sing ) it was clear for us which way to go. We made the first attempt at walking in the new constellation in 2016 at the charming Wartburg in Eisenach and at the grandiose fantastic Middle Age Christmas market in Dortmund. So far, we knew: The way is good, but there is still a lot to work on. As a result, we decided to rather work on our music style than performing as much as the years before. At the beginning of 2017, however, we were at the studio to implement our ideas. Afterwards (and partly during this time), we only performed in Leipzig (March) and in Eisenach in December.


We are very happy and proud of the things that happened and look forward to presenting the new style with singing for the first time on the Christmas market on the Wartburg. If you still cannot wait and listen to our metamorphosis, you can find the songs on Spotify.

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