1St advent -let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

The first of three weekends on the Wartburg is done now and had his good and …bad sides. But let us begin with Saturday: It was cold but acceptable, we had no rain or snow and when it got dark, the scenery was even more impressive and magical. The Wartburg was crowded but everybody seemed satisfied and after a hard day of walking all the steps up and down several times, we rewarded ourselves with something to eat and a nice conversation in the evening (at this point we want to say thanks to our colleagues from “Opus Furore” for the hilarious moments you have shared with us!)

The next morning, we could not believe our eyes because. It began to snow over night and didn´t seem to stop. Optimistically, we hoped that the winter road clearance already had gritted the streets but they didn´t… With spinning tires and a smell of burned rubber in our noses we reached our destination.  For a long time, it was very quiet on the Wartburg but after midday more and more visitors found their way up the hill. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop snowing the whole day. It looked fantastic! A real winter wonderland, but because of the snow we couldn´t play anything for the whole day. What a luck that it stopped snowing in the evening! We took the chance to play at least once on this 1St advent.


The weather forecast predicts that it will rain next weekend…Dear weather God, please don´t let it rain at the weekend. Our one and only wish is to make some music and bring a smile on the people´s face. Could you please be so kind?

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