Let it snow…

Also this weekend, snowflakes blessed us with a beautiful panorama of the Wartburg and unfortunately also long breaks ... Whether Saturday or Sunday, at some point of the day, these beautiful white crystals trickled dancing from the sky down to earth. However, the snowfall in the meantime took on such apocalyptic proportions that the one or the other visitor felt like he was on a mountain tour in Tibet. As they passed the walls of the castle, they could not see their hands in front of their eyes because of the wind that blew the snow in every direction. We also heard the screams: "Help, where is our rope team?" and yes, that's exactly what we thought. To make it more worse, the stalls also had to complain about losses. A beautiful medieval pavilion broke down last week and the new pavilion swept away overnight because of the heavy winds.

As always, we enjoyed the event very much and we hope that our instruments survive the coming weekend as well as they did the last two. So far, the only losses we can report about are two broken strings.

And for the coming weekend again "dream weather" is predicted .... The Christmas market season 2017 will probably be in our heads for a very long time.

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